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I was pulling up a section of the HBC entry to link to in a comment and I noticed that it said "women" instead of "people," and there are a few other spots in that entry that have that same issue, so I went in and fixed that.

I edited as follows:

This section, in the fourth paragraph, where it now says "most people continue to ovulate".

This section, in several places: first paragraph, two places, edited to "some people react badly to the constant change" and "many people try multiple types of HBC before finding one suited to their individual needs"; and in the final paragraph, where it now says "person who has been pregnant" and "it is possible and safe for people who have never been pregnant to get an IUD." There's also a quote in that section from a member explaining how Mirena works that uses the word "women." I left that for now, but I'm thinking we can maybe update that to use a different quote? There's a good one on the Mirena site (here) that might work; it doesn't include the part about making periods lighter, but it does mention how Mirena works and that it thins the uterine lining. I can bring this up in TP to chat about, perhaps?

This section, in the first paragraph, I changed it to say "in the 1960s and 1970s, many people who used HBC."

This section, first paragraph, edited to say "how correctly the "average" person uses that method, and it includes people who miss pills".

This section, in several spots: "experienced by most people on hormonal birth control" (in the "Lack of Babies" bullet point); "some people note that it's more difficult for them to produce arousal fluid during sex" in the "Vaginal Fluid Changes" bullet point; "people not on hormonal birth control" and "people on hormonal birth control" in the first paragraph after the bullet list

This section, in the first paragraph, where it now says "many people begin taking HBC in their later teens and early twenties".

This section, where it now says "For some people, it's comforting" and "For some people, withdrawal bleeding starts right away".

This section, where it now says "People taking HBC are protected".

This section, where it now says "people who experience vomiting or diarrhea".

This section, where it now says (in the St. John's Wort bullet point) "in which some people" and "recommended that people not combine".

This section, where it now says "people who are overweight or who weigh more," "increased risk of pregnancy for people," and "people with higher BMIs". (There are other uses of "women" there but they're in article titles.)

This section, where it now says "people who are particularly sensitive".

This section, where it now says "people when they are pregnant".

This section, where it now says "some people may also experience emotional or mood changes". There's also a very old quote from Jen there that uses "women" in reference to HBC users; maybe we want to discuss this and the Mirena quote more later, in TP?

This section (out of order because I missed it the first time through), in the second to last paragraph, where it now says "when people skip periods" and "all people on hormonal birth control," and in the "notes on skipping" part where it now says "it doesn't work for every person".

This section (also out of order because it says "woman," not "women" and I missed it the first time too), where it now says "a person usually needs an exam".

This section has a quote that uses "woman" instead of "person" but I'm leaving it for now.

Am stopping briefly because my laptop is almost out of battery and I'm going to switch to the desktop to finish, but I don't want to lose this draft.

ETA: Done.
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