Feb. 6th, 2014

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Hi Kei! (And others who may be reading and/or joining at a later date.)

So. Um. It's been a while since we've used this community. It's also been a while since we've really looked at the Vulvapedia. I'm sure some links are broken. It may well be that some of the information is now out of date. So I'd like to take care of this by:
  1. Browse the Vulvapedia for "Phase 1" entries. These are ones that -- due to being a frequent topic in VP, due to being a guide that might not exist just this way somewhere else, whatever -- we could see being a good and well used resource in VP, at least once they're fixed up nicely.

  2. Get this list somewhere near 3-5.

  3. Figure out a task break down and time line that is manageable.

  4. One by one, figure out which kinds of edits -- broken links, language changes, info updates -- each needs and work them into wiki markup if applicable. (If you need to know about wiki markup, check out the... wiki... on wiki markup.)

  5. Promo our shiny updated VVP entries in VP.

  6. After that, figure out whether it makes the most sense to look at a "Phase 2" for current entry clean up or whether it makes more sense to start writing some new entries.

Does this sound good and/or workable in a general sense? If there are different ideas or needs, we should probably address those before we talk about anything like a potential time line.



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